Quick Takes VI – Little Joe’s Pizza Still Great

I often lament the lack of good deep dish, let alone true Chicago style pizza in Knoxville. Even so, when we want pizza, Little Joe’s is always there to serve up a great thin (almost cracker) crust pizza 

We ate there last night and it was great. We ordered our usual – a large pepperoni $ sausage and an adult portion of the mastaccioli past with meat sauce. The bread sticks were fresh and tasty, as was the pasta. 
When Little Joe’s is on their A game, and they were last night, their pizza is awesome. The sausage feels and tastes homemade. 

Can’t wait till we eat there again.

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Quick Takes V – Taco Bell on Lovell Road

No, I’m not punking you. Those who know me know that, with almost no exceptions, I avoid eating at chain restaurants as much as possible, and fast food chains especially. I’ve often had a granola bar or a couple tablespoons full of peanut butter out of the jar (you do it too) instead of getting even quick food at McDonald’s or similar places.

But these days I have a men’s group that meets at church on Thursday afternoons. I have no time to stop for dinner at a sit-down restaurant on the way to the meeting, so I started grabbing whatever was on the right-hand side of the road near church. I tried something different each week, and only once until I stopped at the Taco Bell on Lovell Road.

Was the food there spectacular? Not really. Don’t get me wrong – it’s OK, but it isn’t something I’d choose to eat if I weren’t in a rush. In fact, the food there is no different than the food at the Taco Bell past church on Kingston Pike, which I tried the week before when I couldn’t decide on a place until I’d driven past my destination.

You know why I’ve eaten at the Taco Bell on Lovell Road every Thursday for the last several weeks and why I’ll keep eating dinner there for the forseeable future? Because the lady who works behind the counter there is nice and friendly and remembers me from the last time I came in. She’s practically overflowing with cheerful friendliness – and that’s pretty rare in fast food employees. Given a choice, which I have, I choose to keep eating at a place where I know I’ll get to exchange a few words with somebody who obviously cares about not only projecting a positive, happy attitude, but seems glad I walked in the door.

So yeah, I eat a fast food dinner once a week. If you’re curious about what I have, and I don’t take pictures of it because who wants to see pictures of fast food, I have a Chicken Quesadilla and 2 Grilled Steak Soft Tacos. And they’re not bad.

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Quick Takes IV – It’s All So Yummy Still a Favorite

My wife did something she almost never does yesterday. She stayed home sick because she was sick, not because our son was. So when I was bringing The Boy home from daycare, I asked if she wanted me to bring food home or pick her up to go get some, and she said pick her up.

I asked if she wanted to to go It’s All So Yummy, one of our favorite places, and get some soup, and she said that sounded great. They serve comfort food and delicious homemade (albeit in large quantities) ice cream at It’s All So Yummy, so I couldn’t think of a better place to eat.

The Boy got his usual – Fried Bologna & American Cheese. My wife got a cup of Chicken Soup and a half Deli Sandwich. I noticed a soup I hadn’t seen before, the Buffalo Chicken Chili, was given a taste of it, and ordered a cup of it and the Cuban sandwich.

The sandwich was great, as usual. The chili was outstanding – very hearty with a big kick to it. I may just order a bowl of it next time as my meal.

We can’t go to It’s All So Yummy without getting ice cream. This is where my pal Phillip can feel free to give me a hard time since ice cream definitely doesn’t fit my goal of losing weight. The Boy ordered a kid’s scoop of Oreo icecream in a bow. Rachael got a scoop of Oreo in a Waffle Cone. I ordered a scoop of Salted Caramel in a Waffle Cone.

When Kim, the owner, saw that I’d ordered the Salted Caramel, she asked if I wanted sea salt on it. I wasn’t sure but I said yes, and I’m glad I did. I’ve had it without sea salt before, but it’s definitely even more awesome with it.

Another happy trip to It’s All So Yummy in the books. If you’re in Knoxville and you haven’t tried it, you’re really missing something.

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Quick Takes III – Five Points Pizza and More

We made an overnight trip to Nashville recently to attend my nephew’s birthday party, so we were able to enjoy an afternoon and evening to ourselves while The Boy got to have fun with his cousin and grandparents. First, we saw Jurassic World, which both my wife and I agreed was far better than we expected to to be based on the more recent installments in the Jurassic series. After walking around the seemingly endless Opry Mills mall, we reviewed the pizza recommendations from my friends on Facebook and decided to try Five Points Pizza, and I’m glad we did.

Several of the reviews mentioned this place is regularly packed, and since this was a Saturday night, we headed over at what we felt was an early time, about 4:30 PM, and still had to wait about 15 minutes for a table to open up. We were seated at a high 2-top near the bar. Normally I offer to wait for the next table since I find perching on a tall chair hurts my knees, but this table was off to the side by itself, whereas all of the other tables were far too close to their neighbors for my comfort, so I made the best of it.

Our server, a young man, was great. He took our drink orders and got us a full order of Garlic Knots. The garlic knots were very good, with or without the marina sauce. Next time I might ask them to skip the marinara and give us just a bit more olive oil.

Five Points has a very large selection of beer on draft, in bottles, and cans, and they also had several varieties of hard cider. I had two bottles – a Crispin Pear and Original Sin Elderberry. Both were very good, and I found the Crispin Pear to be a perfect cooldown drink on this extremely hot day.


For our pizza, we ordered an 18″ half and half. Rachael created her how half with pepperoni, meatball, red onions, and green peppers. Our server thought about that for a second and heartily approved. I decided to go with one of the standard pizzas on the printed menu, although I don’t see it on the website, so I’m not sure if it was a limited time special or a new addition. My half had a habanero cream sauce, sliced tomatoes, fresh basil, and bacon. This was NY style pizza and while my wife commented that it may have done better to be taken out of the oven a minute sooner so the crust was less crisp, we both really liked it. Her DIY half was excellent, as I used a slice from it to take a break from the intense heat of the habanero cream sauce on mine. My half was amazing, and while I had to admit it was perhaps not the best choice for a super hot day, I’d order it again in a heartbeat.


I was thrilled with the recommendation for Five Points Pizza, and after we hit a couple of the other pizza spots on our list, I will gladly return.

The Pied Piper Creamery

We asked our server at Five Points Pizza if there was somewhere nearby where we could get some good ice cream and he directed us to The Pied Piper Creamery around the corner and up the street a bit. We walked over and enjoyed some good, if not awesome, ice cream. It’s the best ice cream I’ve had in Nashville, but I wouldn’t pick it over our Knoxville favorite, It’s All So Yummy Cafe. We each got the 4 scoop sampler at Pied Piper. My favorite was the Peanut Butter? I Hardly Knew Her, and my least favorite was the Some Like it Hot, mainly since it was too heavy on the cinnamon and not enough on the cayenne pepper.


I Dream of Weenie

We were stuffed after pizza and ice cream, so I just admired this place from afar. But the thought of a hot dog-selling food truck run out of a VW microbus is too hard to resist, so I’ll be visiting it on a trip to Nashville soon.

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Quick Takes II – It’s All About It’s All So Yummy

We continue to have great experiences at It’s All So Yummy, so this edition of Quick Takes is all about our favorite sandwich & ice cream spot.

We recently attended the Rocky Top BBQ Festival. While there, sampled BBQ from a restaurant in NC which was average, and some from Atlanta, which was good. We also got to hear some good local music and walk around in the heat with a 3 year old who was overdue for a nap. We knew the folks from It’s All So Yummy would be at the festival, so we saved visiting them for ice cream for last, hoping it would both taste good (it did, of course) and improve The Boy’s attitude. As you can tell from this picture, it did not.

Earlier this week my wife’s family trickled in for a sort of family reunion / Father’s day visit. Her sister and brother-in-law from Orlando arrived a day before everyone else and we took them out to the newer Sweet P’s downtown, which was very disappointing, but that’s a story for another time. After the BBQ, we decided to take them to It’s All So Yummy for some ice cream. They were out of Butter Pecan, which was both disappointing and confusing to me since, as far as I’m concerned, if it isn’t Butter Pecan, it isn’t ice cream. Still, I’d seen pictures of the Watermelon Chip on Instagram, so I figured I’d try it. Here’s where the confusion comes in. Because I don’t eat anything but Butter Pecan if I can help it, I don’t walk around thinking, “Wow, these two great ice cream flavors, while amazing by themselves, would suck if mixed together.” So when I saw they had a Caramel with Chocolate-covered Bacon flavor, I decided a scoop of that would go nicely with my scoop of Watermelon Chip. I was wrong. Delicious apart, weird together. I’ll keep brightly colored flavors separate from now on!

On Friday, June 19, It’s All So Yummy ran a one day special for a sandwich they called the Wacon, which was a grilled cheese sandwich with waffles for bread, with the whole sandwich wrapped in 10 slices of bacon. I’d seen pictures of it on Instagram and Facebook, and I heard it was on WBIR earlier this week when the owner, Kim, did one of her regular spots there. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get one of these since we had family in and our dinner plans were already locked in for Friday night, and my brother-in-law had to leave town no later than noon that day to make it to a wedding. So I solved the conundrum by taking a half day off work, sent Kim a text message to let her know I’d be there at 11AM when they opened, and since she’s just awesome that way, she had 2 Wacon’s ready for me and Gus when we showed up.

I begrudgingly shared a bit of this beauty with my wife. Gus wimped out and only ate half of his and sliced up the other half to share with family at my house. This sandwich was sinfully decadent – an awesome mixture of sweet and savory. If it ever returns as a special, I’ll order it again. Gus told me that if he had a place like It’s All So Yummy near his house, he’d eat there all the time since he’s a huge fan of grilled cheese and tomato soup.

And here’s a final pic just to commemorate why we love It’s All So Yummy so much. We had dinner at our Saturday spot, Mario’s, but The Boy had said earlier that he really wanted a milkshake. So we obliged him. We ordered him a Birthday Cake (his favorite flavor of ice cream) milkshake. That’s off screen in this pic, as he decided he wanted some of Rachael’s Caramel Candy Bar ice cream. I had Butter Pecan, of course. It was all yummy.

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Review – Scotty’s Restaurant

Eight years ago I attended a writer’s workshop in Dayton, Ohio, which meant I drove North on I-75 for about 4.5 hours and got to see parts of Tennessee & Kentucky I’d never seen before. As I was returning to Knoxville, I pulled off at an exit to get some gas and saw a sign for Scotty’s Hamburger and figured I’d give it a shot. I was delighted to discover they made what I’d always called “Krystal-sized” burgers but which most people call sliders, and served them in what seemed like a throwback to the 50’s diner concept. I vowed to return someday, and that day finally happened this weekend. Saturday is normally when we eat at Mario’s Pizza and Grill, but I had a hankering for something different, and pitched the idea of driving about 25 miles north to Caryville to my wife and she was all for it.

Scotty’s Restaurant, which you will most likely find misspelled at review sites as Scottie’s Restaurant, is a throwback to an earlier time in many ways. The building is very old, the decor looks like it belongs at an exit on Route 66, not I-75, and the prices are surprisingly low.

You have a choice of a long counter with stools, or a couple of tall tables with 2 stools each, and since there were three of us, we sat at the counter. Our son sat in my wife’s lap for part of the time, but while he sat on a stool on his own, my wife helped him keep his balance by placing her purse underneath his feet as they hung over the side of the stool. He commented that the counter was “dirty” but it was just stained in the way a counter that’s likely 40-50 years old at least would have to look.

The menu at Scotty’s is pretty basic, although it does run well into two pages. It also proves, along with the giant “visible from the Interstate” sign on top of the building, that Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other sites have the spelling wrong for the name of the establishment.

We knew walking in that this wouldn’t be a healthy meal, so I didn’t even try to pretend to make it one. I ordered Fried Mac & Cheese to start. It’s basically what you’d expect – macaroni & cheese, breaded and deep-fried. It was good, and I’m glad I ordered it since Mac & Cheese is one of my favorite things to eat, but next time I’ll just get another slider or two.

Rachael ordered Fried Corn Nuggets, and we both agreed that while it was OK as well, next time we’ll focus on the sliders.

The sliders are the reason I returned to Scotty’s, and they’re the main reason we plan to return. I’m not going to claim they’re the most amazing, delicious, hamburgers in the world, because they’re not. But for someone who grew up eating Krystal burgers, made out of site, and for all I knew heated up in a microwave, seeing Scotty’s burgers made a few feet away on a griddle was a delightful experience. They’re very basic burgers – a small square of beef, cheese if you want it, and a choice of mustard, pickle, and onion. One of the ladies working at Scotty’s lays down the number of patties you order, and if you are getting onions, they cover the entire patty with finely chopped onions and grill them as a unit. The result is a very tasty, if simple, slider. It puts to shame the greasy, almost slimy versions you can get at Krystal. The fries – they’re just frozen fries from a bag, so I won’t be ordering them again.

I’d read glowing reviews of the chili dogs at Scotty’s, so I decided to order one of them along with a couple extra sliders for my wife. The lady who took my order was shocked I only wanted one, and when I mentioned I had several sliders, she replied, “Yeah, but each one of those is only a bite.” So I ordered two chili dogs. They weren’t anything special – basic hot dog with way way too much meat only chili on them. I didn’t hate them, but this is something else I won’t be ordering next time, not with the sliders available.

We decided to order a couple slices of pie as well, and I have to say, for $2 each, the slices were larger than we thought they’d be. Rachael ordered chocolate, while I, of course, ordered pumpkin. Kinda strange to find pumpkin pie in June. I’d say the pie was OK, although since neither of us could tell for sure if it was homemade or store-bought, chances are it was store-bought. We wouldn’t get it again, as we’ll likely try ice cream next visit.

I needed to check out the facilities before we left, and they were … interesting enough that I decided to post a picture of something I don’t think I’ve ever done before – the bathroom. Harkening back to its roots as a roadside diner from another era, the bathrooms at Scotty’s are located outside. If you weren’t convinced before that Scotty’s is a blast from the past, this spartan bathroom should convince you. Check out the coil heater built into the wall, the cloth towel dispenser (pass, I used my t-shirt to dry my hands), and the sink has definitely seen better days. It was clean, though – I’ll give it that.

We’ll return to Scotty’s again someday. It isn’t close enough or outstanding enough to work it into our regular rotation, but it’s definitely interesting enough to come back. The lady’s working there did what nearly all women of a certain again do when presented with our son – they doted over him. I like that, of course.

If you’re making your way up or down I-75 near Caryville or La Follette, and you’re in the mood for some tasty sliders, stop in at Scotty’s.

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Review – Mario’s Pizza and Grill

We’ve added a new restaurant to our regular weekly list in the last couple of months – Mario’s. I can’t recall exactly why we tried Mario’s for the first time, but it was likely because it is near our church in Farragut and we were looking for something new. The pizza and spaghetti were good enough on our first visit that we happily tried it again, and we’ve been going every week since.

Basics Covered – Good Pizza

It may be hard to believe, but some pizza joints do really well at other types of food but not pizza. Mario’s isn’t that type of pizza joint. We made the mistake of ordering the Super Mario pizza the first time (like any self-respecting geek could avoid trying it) – and we barely made a dent in it’s gigantic 20 inches. But what we did manage to eat of this enormous pepperoni and sausage pizza was excellent. If we were better about heating up leftovers, we would have had a full second meal just from the pizza alone.

On most visits to Mario’s, we get the Large 14” pizza. We’ve tried many toppings including meatball, bacon, green pepper, and onion. I’m partial to the meatball, especially since it seems like they just slice up the meatballs used in the spaghetti and meatballs. This picture shows one of our regular combos – bacon and pepperoni.

Supporting Cast – Pasta

We’ve ordered several of the pasta dishes at Mario’s and liked almost all of them. That first night I ordered the spaghetti and meatballs and it was phenomenal, especially for the price. I’m not even a huge fan of spaghetti, but I’d be happy to eat this by itself as a meal.

The meat lasagna is quite good as well. As is the case with most of the pastas, I’d be happy to order this at another restaurant, but during most visits I’m in the mood for pizza, so pizza is what I order.

My wife loves chicken parmesan, so she tried that once. I didn’t try it because I don’t care for it, but she assured me it tastes much better than this picture might suggest. She and I are in agreement on what we prefer to order most of the time at Mario’s – pizza – but it isn’t because we don’t like the pasta.

The fettucini alfredo is the only pasta I’ve had at Mario’s that I wouldn’t eat again, but it isn’t because the pasta itself wasn’t good or that the sauce wasn’t a good representation of that kind of alfredo sauce. I’m just not a fan of thick, creamy alfredo, but instead prefer it much lighter – just butter and parmesan would do me fine.

Mario’s serves an appetizer of fried ravioli. I believe we ordered this one night when we weren’t sure about what else we might want, and while it is pretty good, if I were in the mood for an appetizer again, I’d probably go for the cheesy bread, which is outstanding, especially when used to dip Mario’s excellent marinara sauce.

A Sweet End

The desserts as Mario’s are outstanding. On that first visit we ordered the cinnamon pizza. It was very good, and we’d get it more often if not for another dessert that’s less work to eat.

So what’s less work than spreading icing on top of cinnamon pizza? Dipping beignets into chocolate sauce. These little fried balls of joy come out piping hot, covered in powdered sugar, and are delicious with or without the hot chocolate sauce. It’s a good thing these come in a baker’s dozen because that gives us plenty enough to avoid fights at the table.

Why We Keep Coming Back

So you may be asking – has Mario’s earned a regular spot in our dinner rotation simply because the pizza and the rest are very good? Not really. Don’t misunderstand – we wouldn’t keep coming back if the food weren’t also very good. Much like another Knoxville pizza joint, what brings us back to Mario’s is the service. One of the owners, a nice lady, is always happy to see us and pays special attention to our son, who is now three. I recall my mom telling me that when I was still a baby, my dad would tip servers based on how much they made over me. I don’t go that far, but I’ll be honest – making this dad feel like you’re happy my cute little boy is eating at your restaurant is an easy way to push me from just liking to eat at your place to loving it.

One of my friends and her family were visiting from out of town recently and she sent me a message asking me for a quick dinner recommendation for the Turkey Creek area. I pointed her to Mario’s and she let me know they loved it. If you’re in West Knoxville and you’re looking for good pizza and great service, give Mario’s a shot – you won’t be disappointed.



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