Quick Review: Back Yard Burgers

This will be a quick review, and the TL:DR version would be – trust a burger place to do burgers and you’ll likely be satisfied.

We couldn’t decide where to eat after church today, so my wife suggested Back Yard Burgers. Only she didn’t suggest “Back Yard Burgers” – she couldn’t remember the name of the place, so she suggested, “that other hamburger place by the BBQ place.” The other BBQ place being Calhoun’s in West Knoxville. I guess neither were top of mind for us, because it took a couple of minutes of playing “whose on first” before we figured out she meant Back Yard Burgers.

We used to eat at Back Yard Burgers in Bearden, but it seems it was closed at some point, possibly due to competition from a fairly crummy chain known as Cookout. When we walked into the one in West Knoxville today, it took us a couple of minutes to get our bearings because the menu was drastically changed from the last time we’d eaten there.

byb-hotdogFor our son, we ordered the Hotdog, plain. That’s how it came out – plain. Nothing exciting, but he’s two years old, so he wasn’t looking for exciting. I didn’t taste the hotdog myself, but he ate nearly every bite of it, along with a goodly amount of his mother’s waffle fries, and a couple of crackers that came with my soup, so I’m assuming it tasted as good as a plain hotdog that gets dipped in ketchup (not my idea – don’t blame me) can be. We typically tell restaurants we don’t need the bun because he doesn’t eat it, but we obviously forgot to do that today. The Boy had water to drink.

byb-classic+wfMy wife ordered what used to be the Number 1 combo and what is now called the Classic with cheese. Based on her response to the comments I made about my soup, I’m pretty sure she enjoyed her cheeseburger. I didn’t try the fries but have in the past. As waffle fries go, Back Yard Burgers does them right – I’m just not a big fan. Back Yard Burgers only has Pepsi products, so my wife drank unsweetened tea. As I mentioned before, she shared her waffle fries with our son, and between the two of them, they polished this meal off.

byb-double+soupI walked into Back Yard Burgers thinking I would avoid extra carbs, so I ordered the Black Jack Burger (it has Pepper Jack cheese), but I made it a double because I was hungry. Then I noticed a sign showing potato soup, and I suffered from a momentary lapse of both logic and memory, and ordered it as well. The burger was about as good as I remember from times past – better than most fast food burgers, not quite as good as Five Guys, and not even in the same class as In-N-Out Burger. As for the soup, I should have just eaten the burger and been done with it. First, it was insanely hot, which probably means it was heated in a microwave. Second, it was just plain bad. It had so much cheese on it that eating it because an exercise in frustration. The potatoes somehow managed to be hard. I ate too much of it before giving up, and smacked myself mentally for ordering soup at a burger place.

If you’re in West Knoxville or elsewhere and are in the mood for a decent burger, Back Yard Burgers is worth a try. Take my advice, though, and stick to the basics.

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