What I Eat in a Day 002

Smoothie Prep Run at Costco

This post will be light on pictures because I didn't think to take any of my meals today. So let's start with a pic of my haul from Costco last night when I made a smoothie prep run.  


I picked up the following:

[For Smoothies]
Frozen Organic Blueberries - 2 bags
Frozen Organic Strawberries - 2 bags
Frozen Organic Cherries - 1 bag
Frozen Pineapple - 2 bags
Flax Seed - 1 bag

I sometimes pick up Almond Milk in bulk at Costco, as well as Hemp Seeds and Peanut Butter. I prefer to buy bananas and greens for the smoothies in smaller batches.


 [Other stuff]
Organic Apples - a dozen
Lentil and Lentil & Vegetable Soup - case of 8
Naked Juice - variety 12 pack 

This stuff was mostly for lunches or snacks. I haven't tried the Naked Juice before and I'm not expecting to love it, but it was on sale. I also did a juice "cleanse" for a day and a half last week and felt good during and after, so I may try one again over the weekend with several bottles of this stuff. 



I had a 16 oz serving of my usual smoothie, with Cherries subbed for Pineapple. I liked the different taste.



I had a 32 oz serving of the same smoothie. I like how the Flax Seeds thicken up in the smoothie from breakfast to lunch time in the fridge. Gives it a thicker and more filling texture. 



I had 2 Apples and a few Tbsps of Peanut Butter. Just wasn't that hungry and I have a weigh-in for a weight-loss challenge at work tomorrow.



I had an Apple for a late morning snack - really just to hold me over for the late lunch I had with a friend. I had a bowl of grapes for a post-dinner snack when I got home after walking for about 45 minutes.


And that's it. My meal habits probably seem kinda boring, and that's OK with me. I've tried my best to systematize most of my eating. It makes things easy and helps me avoid bad choices.