Going Vegetarian - Day Four

Dinner at Stir Fry Cafe (Turkey Creek)

Today was the fourth day on my vegetarian diet.  We were going to eat some salad and a couple of Nutrisystem vegeratian entrees for dinner tonight, but this is turning into a stressful week all-around, so I suggested trying Stir Fry's take on tofu.  I ordered the Kung Pao Noodles with Tofu off their "Bottomless Noodle Bowls" menu.


I'll be returning for this dish, it was very good.  I asked to have it spicy since it wasn't marked as such on the menu and while it wasn't "make my eyes water" spicy, it was spicy enough for my tastes.  The tofu was crispy, especially on the outside of the cubes, and definitely more to my liking than the spongy variety from last night's dinner at Shono's.  I'd put this style of tofu in the middle of what I've tried so far.  The rest of the dish was great as well; the noodles were firm and the vegetables were all chopped to match the nuts in size, which made mixing and taking a bit that included a bit of everything easy.

We also tried the Tempura Salmon.  And yes, I know that falls outside the boundaries of "vegetarian" but I don't care.  It was tasty and just a tiny amount of fish and it allows me to toss out the word pescetarian.