Taking a Break to Focus on My Health

This was going to be a goodbye post, but a couple of people whose opinions I respect have convinced me to make it a “so long for a while” post.

Why I need a break

I love food and I love writing about food. I the former too much and the latter helps me justify acting on the former. I truly enjoy finding and trying a new restaurant and sampling its food, and when I do that, it’s really easy for the writer in me to enable to food lover in me to try an extra dish, or dessert when I really don’t need it. I also enjoy frequenting my favorite restaurants, as much for the relationships I have formed with the owners or employees as I do the excellent food they serve. For me, eating out is as much about enjoying the experience and atmosphere as it is the food, and I like the smiles I get when I walk into a place as a regular.

But the simple truth is that I’m a big guy – no, I’m a fat guy, and I’m tired of it. I need to lose a lot of weight and work on getting more fit. I can’t do that if I keep eating out 5-6 nights per week and indulging my Southern hankering for fried foods and lots of beef.

For now, I need to focus on losing weight, exercising more, and eating the right kinds of foods in reasonable quantities, and two of those would be difficult, and history suggests impossible for me, if I keep eating out and blogging about it.

I’ve been asked if I might want to blog about my efforts to lose weight, and the meals and products I’ll be trying along the way. My response to that is no, at least not until I’ve made enough progress to prove to myself that I’m writing about something successful, not another failed attempt to lose weight.

So Long, Not Goodbye

For now, this is so long. Once I’ve made more progress and once I’ve proven to myself that I can balance my passion for writing about food with my real need to stop indulging my love to eat that food, I’ll return to being the Geek Food Critic. Until then, I’m going to be the Geek Weight Loss Trainee.

A Random List of Great Places to Eat

In no particular order, I’ll list some of my favorites, and my reviews if I’ve posted them.

It’s All So Yummy – Sandwiches, Soup, and Ice Cream in Knoxville

Mario’s Pizza & Grill – Pizza, Sandwiches, and More in Knoxville

Forte’s on the Square – Pasta and More in Crossville

McNamara’s Irish Pub – Irish Food in Nashville

Blackhorse Pub & Brewery – Burgers, Pizza, and More in Knoxville

Long’s Drug Store – Lunch Counter, Tater Tots, Milkshakes and More in Knoxville

Little Joe’s – Pizza and Pasta in Knoxville

Champy’s – Fried Chicken and Hot Tamales in Chattanooga

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