Review: Carnivore Club March Shipment

You know your day is going to be interesting when you receive an email from a company offering to send you a box of meat.

I was intrigued by this offer, even though I had previously never heard of Carnivore Club. I actually thought somebody might be punking me, but nope – it turned out to be completely legit. If you’re looking for a good laugh, go check out their website and watch the video – it’s a riot. I just watched it again and still laughed.

I had no idea subscription meat services were a thing, but they are, and since that video was so funny, I let the company know that, sure, I’d be happy to receive a box of meat and write about it.


I will say that arriving home to discover a box of meat on my doorstep was kinda thrilling. I’d seen the box in the video, and even seen it in a review video I found on YouTube, but seeing it there on my porch made it real.

I will say when I took the box out of the envelope it shipped in, I did chuckle a bit at it being referred to as an “impressive faux wood box” on the Carnivore Club website. It is, in fact, faux wood, but it’s cute, and I’m pretty sure, especially given the video on the site, that the CC folks very purposefully call it faux wood.

Inside the box were six types of meat.


All of the meats were uncured, and they included sliced Sopressata, Capocollo, Chorizo, and Prosciutto. Also included were two tubes (?) of Hot Sopressata and Hard Salami. The sliced packages were 3 ounces each and the tubes were 4 ounces. I’ve tried all of them, and whether I liked them or not, they were all obviously of good quality.

Here’s how I would rank the meats:

#1 Hot Sopressata – spicy and full-flavored
#2 Hard Salami – great flavor and consistency
#3 Sopressata – the first I tried, very tasty
#4 Chorizo – lots of flavor, and my wife, who doesn’t like chorizo, liked it
#5 Capocollo – good, but not a huge fan
#6 Prosciutto – I did not care for this one, but I’ve never liked prosciutto

How Did I Eat Them?

The first couple I tried, I just rolled up the slices and ate them like that – and it was great. Then I got the bright (not) idea to try to make a sandwich with some of the sliced meats, but that didn’t turn out so well. It wasn’t a fault of the meat – this just isn’t deli meat and it requires more chewing than the sandwich I slapped together could handle. I sliced off a few bites of the tube salami and loved it. We eat out a lot, so I grazed on the box of meat over a few days.

Then my wife suggested we put together an antipasto with the meat and some cheese and fruit.

That turned out remarkably well, and I’d imagine that’s how most folks would choose to serve this selection of meats. The chorizo especially mixed well with the pepper jack cheese.

Overall Thoughts

I liked the selection of meats from Carnivore Club. I’ll admit that I was mildly disappointed when I discovered mine wasn’t filled with various types of jerky like one of the YouTube videos I’d seen, but I’d say this one likely made for a healthier, more well-rounded collection.

Carnivore Club costs $50 if you subscribe for at least 3 montly shipments, or you can purchase a single month’s shipment for $55.

Is it worth it? I can’t say, as I didn’t pay for it. I also don’t typically buy this type of meat, so I have no concept of what it costs. I can say that my wife and I could have enjoyed at least 2 meals based on the antipasto she prepared, and while we bought the cheese and fruit separately, we’d buy that stuff anyway. We’d pay more than $50 for a dinners out over two nights, so I suppose the price really isn’t bad. My wife said if we were going to throw a party and want to prepare the same type of meat & cheese tray for our guests, she’d be happy to buy this type of meat to use in it.

I liked Carnivore Club’s meats, but then again, what’s not to like about having a box of meat delivered to your door? If you’re a discerning meat-lover, give it a shot.

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