Quick Review: Quality Turkish Market

I love discovering new (to me) restaurants – especially when I do so via personal recommendations. Last week I took action based on independent recommendations my wife and I had received from coworkers to try Quality Turkish Market, and let me tell you, I am so glad I did.

Round One – Great First Impression

I stopped by on Tuesday afternoon on my way to an evening class I’m taking right now, planning to scope the place out in anticipation of brining my wife and son by for dinner in the future. I had a great chat with the owner and really enjoyed the food, knowing I would be back soon.

I ordered the Hummus to start. Once I saw how large my entree was, I knew I didn’t need all this food, but I soldiered through eating it all so I could report back to you, my readers, that it was awesome. The hummus was simple and tasted great.

For my entree I ordered the #1, the Döner Kabab platter. It was outstanding, and even better than the meal by the same name I’ve had at Grujo’s twice in the last few weeks. Everything about this dish worked for me. The pita was warm and fresh. The vegetables were crisp and juicy. The rice (pilav) was light and accentuated the döner meat perfectly. I really liked the döner meat – I could eat some of this every day. It’s shaved thinly and full of flavor.

Something that impressed me about the owner, AJ, was that when I mentioned that I had come at the recommendation of a coworker, he remembered exactly who she was and described her precisely to me even though she must have been one of many customers he’d seen in the last week. I told him I’d be back with my wife and son soon, and I made good on that promise just two nights later.

Round Two – An Instant Favorite

Our first family visit to Quality Turkish Market was very enjoyable. My wife and I both ordered the Döner Kabab platter and she liked it every bit as much as I did. We also split the Hummus, and in fact we picked up a couple extra pitas to take with us for lunch the next day since we couldn’t finish it all. Our now 4 year-old boy loved the pita and tried everything else, which was a victory in and of itself.

We had a really comfortable time and learned a lot about the history of the market from AJ, who was happy to discuss it. One of the things I like most about writing this blog is getting to know so many hard-working small business owners who run their own restaurants.

Baklava – Out of this World

I remember the first time I ever tried baklava. I was a freshman at Rhodes College in 1988, away from home for the first time. To this day, that baklava stands out as one of the best-tasting things I’ve ever put in my mouth – at least it did until I tried the two different types of baklava at Quality Turkish Market.


The one on the left is made with walnuts and the one on the right with pistachios. Both were outstanding, so light, fresh, and obviously homemade. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the pistachio.

A Call to Action – Support Local Eateries

I can whole-heartedly recommend Quality Turkish Market. The food is outstanding, the prices are more than reasonable, and, just as importantly, it’s a family-owned business run by somebody serving up great food to happy customers.

I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling for work over the next year, and more often than not those one or two day trips don’t leave a lot of time for research into local restaurants. I can promise you that, for every meal I’m forced by time and circumstances to eat at a Wendy’s or Cracker Barrel, I’m going to balance it out once I get home with a visit to a place like this.

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