Quick Takes V – Taco Bell on Lovell Road

No, I’m not punking you. Those who know me know that, with almost no exceptions, I avoid eating at chain restaurants as much as possible, and fast food chains especially. I’ve often had a granola bar or a couple tablespoons full of peanut butter out of the jar (you do it too) instead of getting even quick food at McDonald’s or similar places.

But these days I have a men’s group that meets at church on Thursday afternoons. I have no time to stop for dinner at a sit-down restaurant on the way to the meeting, so I started grabbing whatever was on the right-hand side of the road near church. I tried something different each week, and only once until I stopped at the Taco Bell on Lovell Road.

Was the food there spectacular? Not really. Don’t get me wrong – it’s OK, but it isn’t something I’d choose to eat if I weren’t in a rush. In fact, the food there is no different than the food at the Taco Bell past church on Kingston Pike, which I tried the week before when I couldn’t decide on a place until I’d driven past my destination.

You know why I’ve eaten at the Taco Bell on Lovell Road every Thursday for the last several weeks and why I’ll keep eating dinner there for the forseeable future? Because the lady who works behind the counter there is nice and friendly and remembers me from the last time I came in. She’s practically overflowing with cheerful friendliness – and that’s pretty rare in fast food employees. Given a choice, which I have, I choose to keep eating at a place where I know I’ll get to exchange a few words with somebody who obviously cares about not only projecting a positive, happy attitude, but seems glad I walked in the door.

So yeah, I eat a fast food dinner once a week. If you’re curious about what I have, and I don’t take pictures of it because who wants to see pictures of fast food, I have a Chicken Quesadilla and 2 Grilled Steak Soft Tacos. And they’re not bad.

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