Quick Takes II – It’s All About It’s All So Yummy

We continue to have great experiences at It’s All So Yummy, so this edition of Quick Takes is all about our favorite sandwich & ice cream spot.

We recently attended the Rocky Top BBQ Festival. While there, sampled BBQ from a restaurant in NC which was average, and some from Atlanta, which was good. We also got to hear some good local music and walk around in the heat with a 3 year old who was overdue for a nap. We knew the folks from It’s All So Yummy would be at the festival, so we saved visiting them for ice cream for last, hoping it would both taste good (it did, of course) and improve The Boy’s attitude. As you can tell from this picture, it did not.

Earlier this week my wife’s family trickled in for a sort of family reunion / Father’s day visit. Her sister and brother-in-law from Orlando arrived a day before everyone else and we took them out to the newer Sweet P’s downtown, which was very disappointing, but that’s a story for another time. After the BBQ, we decided to take them to It’s All So Yummy for some ice cream. They were out of Butter Pecan, which was both disappointing and confusing to me since, as far as I’m concerned, if it isn’t Butter Pecan, it isn’t ice cream. Still, I’d seen pictures of the Watermelon Chip on Instagram, so I figured I’d try it. Here’s where the confusion comes in. Because I don’t eat anything but Butter Pecan if I can help it, I don’t walk around thinking, “Wow, these two great ice cream flavors, while amazing by themselves, would suck if mixed together.” So when I saw they had a Caramel with Chocolate-covered Bacon flavor, I decided a scoop of that would go nicely with my scoop of Watermelon Chip. I was wrong. Delicious apart, weird together. I’ll keep brightly colored flavors separate from now on!

On Friday, June 19, It’s All So Yummy ran a one day special for a sandwich they called the Wacon, which was a grilled cheese sandwich with waffles for bread, with the whole sandwich wrapped in 10 slices of bacon. I’d seen pictures of it on Instagram and Facebook, and I heard it was on WBIR earlier this week when the owner, Kim, did one of her regular spots there. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get one of these since we had family in and our dinner plans were already locked in for Friday night, and my brother-in-law had to leave town no later than noon that day to make it to a wedding. So I solved the conundrum by taking a half day off work, sent Kim a text message to let her know I’d be there at 11AM when they opened, and since she’s just awesome that way, she had 2 Wacon’s ready for me and Gus when we showed up.

I begrudgingly shared a bit of this beauty with my wife. Gus wimped out and only ate half of his and sliced up the other half to share with family at my house. This sandwich was sinfully decadent – an awesome mixture of sweet and savory. If it ever returns as a special, I’ll order it again. Gus told me that if he had a place like It’s All So Yummy near his house, he’d eat there all the time since he’s a huge fan of grilled cheese and tomato soup.

And here’s a final pic just to commemorate why we love It’s All So Yummy so much. We had dinner at our Saturday spot, Mario’s, but The Boy had said earlier that he really wanted a milkshake. So we obliged him. We ordered him a Birthday Cake (his favorite flavor of ice cream) milkshake. That’s off screen in this pic, as he decided he wanted some of Rachael’s Caramel Candy Bar ice cream. I had Butter Pecan, of course. It was all yummy.

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