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Eight years ago I attended a writer’s workshop in Dayton, Ohio, which meant I drove North on I-75 for about 4.5 hours and got to see parts of Tennessee & Kentucky I’d never seen before. As I was returning to Knoxville, I pulled off at an exit to get some gas and saw a sign for Scotty’s Hamburger and figured I’d give it a shot. I was delighted to discover they made what I’d always called “Krystal-sized” burgers but which most people call sliders, and served them in what seemed like a throwback to the 50’s diner concept. I vowed to return someday, and that day finally happened this weekend. Saturday is normally when we eat at Mario’s Pizza and Grill, but I had a hankering for something different, and pitched the idea of driving about 25 miles north to Caryville to my wife and she was all for it.

Scotty’s Restaurant, which you will most likely find misspelled at review sites as Scottie’s Restaurant, is a throwback to an earlier time in many ways. The building is very old, the decor looks like it belongs at an exit on Route 66, not I-75, and the prices are surprisingly low.

You have a choice of a long counter with stools, or a couple of tall tables with 2 stools each, and since there were three of us, we sat at the counter. Our son sat in my wife’s lap for part of the time, but while he sat on a stool on his own, my wife helped him keep his balance by placing her purse underneath his feet as they hung over the side of the stool. He commented that the counter was “dirty” but it was just stained in the way a counter that’s likely 40-50 years old at least would have to look.

The menu at Scotty’s is pretty basic, although it does run well into two pages. It also proves, along with the giant “visible from the Interstate” sign on top of the building, that Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other sites have the spelling wrong for the name of the establishment.

We knew walking in that this wouldn’t be a healthy meal, so I didn’t even try to pretend to make it one. I ordered Fried Mac & Cheese to start. It’s basically what you’d expect – macaroni & cheese, breaded and deep-fried. It was good, and I’m glad I ordered it since Mac & Cheese is one of my favorite things to eat, but next time I’ll just get another slider or two.

Rachael ordered Fried Corn Nuggets, and we both agreed that while it was OK as well, next time we’ll focus on the sliders.

The sliders are the reason I returned to Scotty’s, and they’re the main reason we plan to return. I’m not going to claim they’re the most amazing, delicious, hamburgers in the world, because they’re not. But for someone who grew up eating Krystal burgers, made out of site, and for all I knew heated up in a microwave, seeing Scotty’s burgers made a few feet away on a griddle was a delightful experience. They’re very basic burgers – a small square of beef, cheese if you want it, and a choice of mustard, pickle, and onion. One of the ladies working at Scotty’s lays down the number of patties you order, and if you are getting onions, they cover the entire patty with finely chopped onions and grill them as a unit. The result is a very tasty, if simple, slider. It puts to shame the greasy, almost slimy versions you can get at Krystal. The fries – they’re just frozen fries from a bag, so I won’t be ordering them again.

I’d read glowing reviews of the chili dogs at Scotty’s, so I decided to order one of them along with a couple extra sliders for my wife. The lady who took my order was shocked I only wanted one, and when I mentioned I had several sliders, she replied, “Yeah, but each one of those is only a bite.” So I ordered two chili dogs. They weren’t anything special – basic hot dog with way way too much meat only chili on them. I didn’t hate them, but this is something else I won’t be ordering next time, not with the sliders available.

We decided to order a couple slices of pie as well, and I have to say, for $2 each, the slices were larger than we thought they’d be. Rachael ordered chocolate, while I, of course, ordered pumpkin. Kinda strange to find pumpkin pie in June. I’d say the pie was OK, although since neither of us could tell for sure if it was homemade or store-bought, chances are it was store-bought. We wouldn’t get it again, as we’ll likely try ice cream next visit.

I needed to check out the facilities before we left, and they were … interesting enough that I decided to post a picture of something I don’t think I’ve ever done before – the bathroom. Harkening back to its roots as a roadside diner from another era, the bathrooms at Scotty’s are located outside. If you weren’t convinced before that Scotty’s is a blast from the past, this spartan bathroom should convince you. Check out the coil heater built into the wall, the cloth towel dispenser (pass, I used my t-shirt to dry my hands), and the sink has definitely seen better days. It was clean, though – I’ll give it that.

We’ll return to Scotty’s again someday. It isn’t close enough or outstanding enough to work it into our regular rotation, but it’s definitely interesting enough to come back. The lady’s working there did what nearly all women of a certain again do when presented with our son – they doted over him. I like that, of course.

If you’re making your way up or down I-75 near Caryville or La Follette, and you’re in the mood for some tasty sliders, stop in at Scotty’s.

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