Shaking up the format

Site Business

It’s been a cold and busy Winter so far, and I’ve let far too many posts pile up in my queue without giving GFC the attention it deserves. In an effort to remedy that, I’m giving myself permission to be more flexible with my posts here. Starting now, I’m going to separate my posts into at least 3 categories:

First Impressions

A quick post after an initial visit or two at a restaurant new to me.  These will be shorter than my usual reviews, although I’m not going to limit myself to a specific word count.


Once I’ve visited a restaurant a few times, I feel comfortable writing a full review of it. These posts will take the place of what I’ve been calling Quick Reviews, because the truth is I almost never followed through on the “quick” aspect of a Quick Review anyway. These will be longer than First Impressions.

Quick Takes

Anything goes. I may mention a single dish I had at a favorite spot I’ve reviewed and even re-visited on the blog. I may discuss a new brand or flavor of cider I’ve tried. I will likely group more than one of these together and post them in a single entry. I’ll admit I’m going to queue up some of these and use them during weeks when I simply may not have a new restaurant about which to write.

A Final Note for Restaurant Owners/Managers

I’m being contacted more frequently by folks who would like me to visit and review their place. That’s cool, and I’ve worked with one that I’ve published so far and have another few in the works. My reviews aren’t for sale, but my family likes to eat out, so I’m not opposed to using a gift card to pay for a meal as long as I disclose it and the restaurant understands I’m going to be honest about my experience – good or bad.

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