Quick Review: Sweet P’s BBQ Revisit

A quick post to document a revisit to one of our favorite restaurants and the best barbecue joint in Knoxville – Sweet P’s. If you’d like a longer write-up, you can check out my original review.

SP-bbqWe ordered our usual on this visit. A pound of brisket, and a mixture of sides, including potato salad, green beans, and a double order of mac & cheese. We also added an order of zucchini pickles. The brisket was, as usual, amazing. The mac & cheese was very good, as were the green beans. I didn’t have any of the potato salad, because why would I if there is mac & cheese on the table? The new star of this meal were the zucchini pickles, and they were a such a hit that my wife and barely managed to snag a few for ourselves before our son finished them off.

SP-CrispinI noticed that Sweet P’s had Crispin hard cider on the menu, so in addition to getting a fountain drink, I bought a bottle of cider. This cider was good, although of the many varieties of Crispin I’ve tried, their “Original” is my least favorite. It’s not bad – it just isn’t awesome. And since it isn’t awesome, I certainly won’t be paying $4.75 per bottle for it in the future.

Nothing new or special about this visit. Just more great barbecue.  If you haven’t tried Sweet P’s yet, you really need to – you won’t find better barbecue in Knoxville.

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