Quick Review: Snappy Tomato Pizza – Farragut

On a rainy Sunday evening this past week we decided to give one of our old regular spots that we hadn’t eaten at in a while another shot – Snappy Tomato Pizza in Farragut. We got into the habit of eating there on at least a weekly basis earlier this year, until I decided to cut out as many carbs as possible – something hard to do for a guy who loves pizza.

Snappy Tomato is a chain, and I typically avoid chains, especially as regular dinner spots. We stumbled across Snappy Tomato by mistake, looking for a local pizza joint that ended up being closed for good. We decided to give it a shot and liked it, so we came back a second time, then a third and more. We liked the pizza, and the service, from both the staff and the owner, was very friendly. When I started avoiding carbs, I avoided all pizza places for a while, and while I fell off the carbs wagon a while back, we just hadn’t made it all the way out past Campbell Station Road for dinner again until this week.

st-pizzaSunday night we tried to order our usual, a large pizza with Spicy Pepperoni and Provolone Cheese (in addition to mozzarella), but they were out of spicy pepperoni, so we settled for regular. The pizza was good, and my wife and I discussed how consistently good it is. Maybe not amazing, and I don’t know that I’d describe it as the best pizza in Knoxville. But I believe one of the benefits of eating at a franchise restaurant is that, if the franchisee follows the established process, using the proper ingredients, what you should get every time is a consistent product. That’s what I like best about Snappy Tomato pizza – it is always what I expect it to be. In a way, that’s better than a restaurant that produces awesome pizza on one visit, but mediocre pizza on the next.

st-rigatoniFor our son, we ordered the Baked Rigatoni, along with a side of ham because he likes to eat it separately. What you may be able to tell from these pictures is that we were hungry when we got our food, and only after we’d started to eat did I recall I needed to take pictures for a possible review. I shared some of the pasta and it, like the pizza, was unsurprisingly good. The garlic bread was extremely good as well. Our son finished all of the ham, about a quarter of this adult-sized order of rigatoni, as well as a couple of pieces of the dessert pizza.

st-cinnabreadSpeaking of dessert, we ordered the Cinnabread. I’ll readily admit this is something I should not be eating, and we don’t order it every visit. But like the pizza and pasta, it is consistently good. And Sunday night it was even better because it was free. The owner stopped by our table and asked why we hadn’t ordered our usual. I mentioned they had been out of spicy pepperoni and he apologized. When I stepped up to the register to order the cinnabread, he waved my card away and said it was on the house since they couldn’t make our favorite pizza. That was, of course, completely unnecessary and completely awesome.

If you’re in Farragut, you should give Snappy Tomato Pizza a try.

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