Quick Review: Revisiting McNamara’s Irish Pub

Something I enjoy almost as much as eating at one of my favorite restaurants is sharing them with people I know. That’s one reason I write this blog, of course, and the reason I’m quick to offer opinions about restaurants when they come up in conversation. I’m attending a professional conference this week with several coworkers, and the second night of the conference was a “free night” with no planned dinner or activities. I suggested we eat at McNamara’s Irish Pub, and my coworkers agreed it sounded good, so we did.

We walked into the restaurant at 5:45 and our party of six was seated immediately. I fielded questions about the menu and made recommendations about what was good, which, quite frankly, is everything I’ve ever tried and most of the items on the menu. My coworkers ordered each of the following: Shepherd’s Pie, Potato Soup (x2), Irish Nachos, Fish & Chips, and Kettle Chips. Each of them really liked the food, although one coworker did report that she expected “creamy” potato soup to have cheese in it, and it didn’t.

I began my meal, as usual, with a pint of Magners hard cider. It wouldn’t be an Irish meal to me without a glass of cider.


I ordered an appetizer to share – the Boxty Spinach Dip. The spinach dip itself is good, but the real star of this dish are the fried potato cakes you use a dip delivery mechanism. I could eat them by themselves and be happy.


For my entree, I went with the tried and true Bangers and Mash. I have to say the mashed potatoes were a little dry, but I didn’t really care because the sausage was so good. As my side, I ordered the Corn Casserole, and it was very good, both creamy and with just a bit of spice. I had a few of my coworker’s kettle chips as well – they were generally good, although some were nice and crispy and others were a bit chewy.


We were all stuffed after the meal, especially my coworker who ordered the Irish Nachos, an enormous appetizer of nachos made with the same beef used in the Shepherd’s Pie. Still, it wouldn’t be a visit to McNamara’s without a serving of the Bread Pudding. I ordered some, as did one of my coworkers. The bread pudding was warm, made with baked apples, and topped with a sweet sauce and what I believe was vanilla bean ice cream. I didn’t need it, but I ate every bite.


Sharing a restaurant I love with people I like is a blast. I look forward to doing it again soon.

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