Quick Review: La Cabaña Cuban Flavor

We decided to give La Cabaña a second chance this weekend. We had tried and liked it several months ago, but had a couple of issues that gave us reason to stop going. After checking its Health Department inspection score and seeing it had a 98, we chose it for lunch after church on Sunday.

One thing we loved about La Cabaña when it first opened was the Mac & Cheese on the kids menu. It was obviously homemade, and we once ordered two of them so I could have some as a side. We were disappointed to discover the mac & cheese this time was simple from a box style. Our son didn’t seem to mind, though, and I assume it’s cheaper than what they served in the past.

My wife and I ordered Empanadas and Croquetas. We liked them both, but my wife prefers the empanadas, while I absolutely love the croquetas. I couldn’t recall what they were called when describing them to a friend, so I described them as “deep fried tubes of joy.” I know they have ham and cheese in them, but there has to be more for them to taste this good. The garlic sauce provided with both the empanadas and croquetas is excellent as well.



My wife inquired about another dish we’d love earlier this year called Arepas. These were bread pockets filled with a chicken salad made from shredded chicken and avocado. They were out of this world delicious, but the owner said he only rarely serves them now due to the preparation time required. I pulled this picture of La Cabaña’s Facebook page.


I’m glad we gave La Cabaña another shot. The food is good and not at all like what we normally eat, and the service is friendly. We’ll definitely return.

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