New Series – Disney Vacation 2014


I’m going to branch out just a bit with this series, but don’t fret, most of the posts will be food and/or restaurant related in some way.  Our family just returned from an amazing vacation to Walt Disney World – the first vacation my wife and I have taken in quite a while and the first real vacation we’ve taken with our two year old son.  We had a great time overall, did a lot of things “right” and got a few things “wrong” – but I wouldn’t change any of it (well, almost any of it) for the world.


We drove from Knoxville to Orlando in our little Kia Spectra 5.  I’ll admit right now that is one thing we’ll do differently next year.  We weren’t sure how our son would handle air travel, and we’ve mostly driven to Orlando in the past, so we tried it this time.  Next time, I’m thinking we’ll either fly or, at the very least, rent an SUV or minivan if we don’t upgrade to one in the meantime.

We did something for the very first time for us – we didn’t stay on Disney property.  My wife and I used to be regular Annual Pass holders, and we always stayed on property, but we decided to try something a little different this time.  More on that in a later post.

Here are a few details and highlights about the types of posts you can expect in the comings weeks in this series, including some tentatively titled special posts:

  • No fewer than 19 restaurant reviews.  These will span our trip down, our time in Orlando, and our trip back.
  • Tips & Tricks for a Successful Disney Vacation from Rookie Parents* (*Edit – Rachael ended up doing a version of this on her blog, linking to that)
  • Top Ten Jerk Moves at Walt Disney World
  • Geek Gear to Improve your Disney Vacation
  • Disney: On Property or Off? (lodging)
  • Disney: On Property or Off? (dining)
  • First Vacation with a Toddler: Lessons Learned

I’m going to ask my wife Rachael to co-author some of these posts with me.  You’ll recognize her writing as different from mine because she has a degree in Journalism / News Editing, so her style isn’t rambling like mine.

Looking forward to sharing our experiences with you, both about the vacation itself and the great (and not so great) food we had along the way!


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4 Responses to New Series – Disney Vacation 2014

  1. lizandlifestyle says:

    love Disney! looks so much fun!!

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  3. Adam S says:

    Looking forward to “Top Ten Jerk Moves”. Sadly for all the wonder of Disney I think some of the self promotion as magical and the happiest place on earth sets people’s expectations for a perfect vacation. And when they don’t get that it brings out the worst in them… and I’m mainly talking about adults.

    Guess what, it’s going to rain, there are going to be long lines and your kid isn’t going to be happy about waiting an hour for ANYTHING, and you’ll have to say “no” 100 times and still buy much much more stuff than you want. Somehow people are surprised.

    • Mike Stanley says:

      All of my “jerk moves” will be about adults as well. Even the ones that are related to kids ultimately are about those kids’ parents, not the kids themselves.

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