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I’ve mentioned before that when we end up being dissatisfied with a restaurant, we’ll give it six months, and try it again to see if things have improved. Mother Earth Meats is one of those places we’ve been giving a break for a while, but today after church, I asked my wife if she would mind giving them a second chance and she agreed it would be OK.

Mother Earth Meats is a market / butcher shop that specializes in grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and other interesting meats and foods. They also have a small restaurant and bar inside, and since it is right down the street from our church in Farragut, it is convenient for lunch on Sunday. I prefer to eat higher quality meat when I can, and I especially like knowing that the hot dog we get for our son is grass-fed beef. I’d include a picture of it in this review, but my boy refused to let me take one of his today, and I know better than to get a toddler riled before we need him to eat.

My wife was considering ordering the Wings, which we know are awesome, but she realized she’d never ordered the Free-Range Chicken Tenders, so she tried those instead. She asked for mild buffalo wing sauce (they were out of the Garlic Parmesan she wanted) as a dipping sauce, but somehow that was translated into the tenders being covered in the sauce by the time they got to the table. She wished she’d ordered the wings, as the skin on the tenders was pretty tough. The meat itself was fine, but the skin, combined with it not being tenders she could dip in sauce, really made the meal not work for her. Our son did like the chicken, though, so there is that.

Chicken Tenders

I ordered the Bison Burger, medium, with Pepper Jack cheese and bacon. My burger was excellent. The taste was fantastic, and getting it done medium was just right. Bison or Buffalo seem a bit lighter to me than regular beef, although since it is leaner, it’s important to not overcook it. I’ve had the grass-fed burger before and it is very good. The venison burger is no longer on the menu, but I tried it and it was great too. I have no use for turkey burgers and don’t care for lamb, so I’ll be sticking with the bison burger. At $10, it’s an expensive burger, but worth every penny.

Bison Burger

The store was running a 50% off special on frozen meats, so I stocked up on several kinds of sausage – hot italian, andouille, kielbasa, and bratwurst. At 50% off, I was able to buy enough for at least 4 dinners for under $20. I also noticed some Reindeer Hot Dogs in the fresh counter, but at $15.99 per pound, I was hesitant to try them. I spoke to one of the employees and he said they tasted great, said they were shipped in from Alaska (via New Jersey, for some reason) – which added to the cost. That was good enough for me, so I bought four of them as well – two for me, and one each for my wife and son. I’ll be grilling them this week.

Reindeer Dogs

The service at Mother Earth Meats is OK. Our server was friendly and only had to be asked once to get a refill for my wife’s drink, and then she later made sure to ask if I needed one. At a place as basic as a lunch counter attached to a butcher shop, I don’t think you can ask for more. Our bill came to $29, and when you consider all of the meats were grass-fed or free-range, I’m fine with he cost.

I’m willing to recommend Mother Earth Meats and put them into our restaurant rotation again.

Mother Earth Meats

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