Quick Review: Waffle House

My wife had a bridal shower for a young woman at church to attend this Saturday morning, which left our son and I free to do whatever we wished for breakfast and lunch. Being the cool (and lazy) dad that I am, I made two quick decisions:

  1. We would eat a single meal, not two. So brunch it would be.
  2. We would most definitely go out to eat. Big surprise, right?

My wife mentioned our son had really enjoyed Waffle Hosue the last time she took him there when I was out of town for business, and that sounded like a good idea to me. After an extremely unusual morning of being allowed to sleep until almost 0900, we all got ready, jumped into different cars, and went our separate ways.

Saturday is Game Day in Knoxville, so I expected Waffle House to be packed with people wearing orange, and I was not disappointed. We don’t do much orange in our household, and besides, weekends are Superhero Days for us, so I was relieved to discover our opponents colors were red, as my boy and I walked in sporting our Green Lantern shirts. We arrived at the perfect time and were able to snag the next to last available booth.

My son ordered the Junior Waffle & Sausage, with peanut butter chips for the waffle. When it arrived, I received one of my infrequent reminders of just how much more work my wife does when it comes to raising our son, as I set out to portion off a quarter of his waffle at a time, butter it, pour syrup on it, and get it ready for him to eat. I’m pretty sure I’m less efficient at that than my wife, but he didn’t seem to mind. After downing more than half of his Apple Juice in just a few huge draws, he began devouring his waffle. This picture shows the second quarter waffle.

Boy Plate

I ordered the All-Star Special. Waffle with PB, Eggs scrambled with cheese, Hash Browns, White Toast, and Crisp Bacon. By the time I finished preparing my son’s food I was hungry enough that I inhaled my waffle before remembering to take any pictures. The waffle was typical Waffle House fare – simply good, and probably the best quickly delivered waffle you’ll ever have. I wish I’d had more peanut butter, but I didn’t feel like waiting for it. Here’s a picture of my other plate containing eggs, hash browns, and bacon.

Dada Plate

I realized when the food arrived that I hadn’t ordered the hash browns with any extra toppings. Slightly disappointed at first, I quickly recalled all the times that asking for them without using their special terms (scattered, covered, smothered, etc) resulted in me not getting what I wanted anyway, so plain turned out to be just fine. The bacon was awesome. You’d think it would be hard to screw up bacon, but if you thought that, you’d be very wrong. I continue to be amazed that the line cooks at Waffle House can turn out “crisp bacon” perfectly nearly every single time, while presumably higher paid cooks at much more expensive restaurants routinely get it wrong.

My son ended up putting away three quarters of his waffle before he declared he was, “all done.” Normally we’d sit and enjoy a few minutes of cartoons on his iPad, but there was a crowd standing all along the wall waiting to eat. So I wolfed the rest down, pointed out all the waiting folks to my son, asked him if we should get up so they could have our table and eat. He agreed that yes, that would be the nice thing to do. Little life lessons at the Waffle House.

I can’t say we eat at Waffle House very often, but when we do, we like it – especially our son. Highly recommended for fun breakfast.

Dada + Boy

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  2. Buckeye Mike says:

    Get the hashbrowns with country gravy (I never use their terms for it either, I just say hashbrowns with gravy) and then jumble up the scrambled eggs with the hashbrowns and add hotsauce. It reminds me of my favorite dish from a place back in Ohio called the Barnyard Buster…yumms.

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