Quick Review: Meksiko Cantina

As I’ve mentioned before, I like Mexican food. So when my wife suggested we try a place in West Knoxville we hadn’t tried for quite a while, I said yes. Meksiko Cantina may be spelled funny, but the food is OK and the environment is a bit eclectic. In fact, tonight was pretty unusual, especially for a Mexican place, as there was an accoustic trio/cover band, 3 Mile Smile, playing music.

I can be a harsh critic of music, and since I grew up in Nashville, I’m used to being able to find good live music any night of the week. I’m not a huge fan of purely accoustic music, so I was worried at first that I wouldn’t enjoy the show, but 3 Mike Smile grew on me thoughout the meal. I will say I’m not a fan of solo ukulele, though. What I was a huge fan of was seeing my son enjoy the music and really get into the applause after each song. He seemed quietly amused that everyone else was clapping, but he quickly joined in with gusto.


We started off with the House Dip. It was pretty good and so were the chips.
The dip was good enough that I forgot to try the salsa. My wife an son split an order of chicken fajitas. There was enough left over when they were done to make me one and it was quite good, especially the peppers and onions.

I ordered something called Fourth Enchiladas, which was, perhaps obviously, comprised of four enchiladas. What wasn’t obvious to me until the dish arrived, was that it was just enchiladas, with no beans, rice, or other side dishes. At first I was concerned, especially that I hadn’t read the menu closely enough to notice, but the enchiladas were both very good and quite filling.


For dessert, my wife ordered Fried Ice Cream. It was odd. It came in a fried dough bowl, and it looked at first like it was inside a fried coating, but that was actually cinnamon. It wasn’t bad, with hot fudge sauce, but it also wasn’t that great. Would probably skip it next time.

Ice Cream

I ordered the Churros. They were very good. I would definitely get them again.


I snapped another picture as we left the restaurant. A 98 on a health department inspection is pretty good, and that, in addition to the mostly good food, friendly service, and potential for live music again make Meksiko Cantina and easy for me to recommend it.

Health Score

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