Quick Review: Brixx Pizza

I’m going to start off this review a little differently by saying I simply cannot recommend Brixx Pizza in Turkey Creek. But first, to make up for the harsh story I’m going to tell later, I’m going to say some good things about the place.

Brixx has a practice of providing little kids with some pizza dough to play with when they arrive. They encourage the kids to mold it into something fun, then they bake it and return it to the table. We got to experience that for the first time tonight and it was a blast. Our son shaped his his dough into a T-Rex and his reaction after seeing it baked and puffy was almost worth all the crap we were to deal with later in our visit. I wish I’d had the forethought to take a picture of it or record a video of him playing with it, and laughing when I grabbed it and made the T-Rex “eat” his pasta or chicken, but I guess I was in dad mode then, just enjoying the moment, not nerd dad mode, recording it.

I’ll also say that the manager who brought us our food afer the third try as very polite and somewhat apologetic. Not apologetic enough to offer even a discount for the two screwups before that, but I didn’t go in there expecting a free meal and don’t feel cheated that I paid for what I (eventually) got to eat. Just seemed kinda … tacky, I guess, to not even make the offer.

So we started off with the Spinach and Artichoke Dip. It was OK. The bread was a bit tough, but the dip itself, especially with the tomatoes, was pretty good.


This is the pasta I ordered and finally received after two failed attempts – the Roasted Chicken Penne. The type of pasta we ordered is in the name of the dish. Let that sink in.


My wife and I both ordered this dish, and she even pointed to it on the menu, saying, “Roasted Chicken Penne.” I didn’t point, but clearly said, “I’ll also have the Roasted Chicken Penne” – and I asked if I could add meatballs to it. Why? I don’t know, I felt like having two different kinds of meat, I guess.

Here’s the exact wording of the menu item that we ordered.

Roasted Chicken Penne
Wood-roasted blackened chicken sautéed with sweet peppers, onions, cajun spices and gorgonzola cream sauce

So we were more than a little surprised, and for almost long enough for the server to walk away from our table after handing us our food, that what arrived was not a penne pasta dish, but a bowl full of angel hair pasta. I honestly wasn’t going to say anything because we were out with a toddler and I know, I just know, that the longer we stay at a restaurant, the more likely it is that we will have An Incident. But my wife reacted more quickly than I did and got the young lady’s attention and called her back to the table to tell her about the problem.

At this point, in hindsight, we may have made a mistake. We focused on the very clear fact that the pasta was wrong, and didn’t pay close enough attention to the rest of the dish. So we stressed to the server that this wasn’t what we ordered, and said we wanted penne pasta. She asked if we wanted them to be remade and we said no, we were OK with the toppings, but we didn’t like angel hair pasta, so we’d like them over penne. That was our second mistake, or perhaps a continuation of the first. She apologized and took the plates back to the kitchen.

After a couple of minutes, we realized that we’d seen mushrooms on the pasta, and the dishes we ordered didn’t come with mushrooms, and if they had, we would have asked for them to be held out. So we got the server’s attention and let her know that we thought the whole dish was wrong, and since I still had a menu on the table, I pointed to the Roasted Chicken Penne and told her that’s what we wanted, her’s with just chicken, mine with chicken and meatballs. The young lady looked a bit nervous at that point and, again, in hindsight, I’m pretty sure at this point she was considering her options. She could either run back and tell the kitchen crew to possibly toss out what they had been working on, or hope for the best. She choose poorly.

The second time we received our meal, it was obvious they had done just what we feared, and admittedly what we said was OK the first time – they put the mushroom-laden dish on top of penne pasta. And you know what – if there had just been a couple of normal mushrooms – the ones that are shaped kinda like clovers, I might have just shoved them to the side and eaten it. but it was filled with both those and some other slimy mushroom that looked more like thinly sliced sardines. I thought one was a piece of chicken and took a tentative bite of it, only to spit it out. Since somoene other than our server had handed the second try to us, we had to wait for her to come back so we could tell her it was still wrong. And this is where things really started to bother me, because I could just tell that she hadn’t told the kitchen to do anything differently after we’d caught our mistake, and she’d really rather we just shut up and eat the food. She even asked if we would like a side of the cajun sauce brought out and we said no. So she took the plates back, saying she’d see what they could do.

(I’ll just interject here that we eat out a lot, and while we have good nights and bad nights at nearly every restaurant we frequent, we have never had an experience like this. Not even close.)

After another bit of time passes, the manager appeared to deliver our food. As I said, he was very polite. He said he made sure personally that they prepared the right dish and we thanked him, and even apologized for the trouble, although both then and now, I don’t accept that we had anything to apologize for. We ordered a dish with the type of pasta we wanted in the name of the dish, and we pointed to it. Yes, we made a mistake in asking them to fix it, in our stunned confusion at being handed exactly the wrong thing, but all our server had to do to avoid the second failed attempt was walk back to the kitchen, admit to screwing it up the first time, and tell them clearly, “just throw that out – this is what they want.” Or maybe just blame it all on us – say we’re nuts or something. But she knew what we wanted, and she knew we’d ordered it to begin with, and she still tried to talk us into eating crap we didn’t like with a side of the sauce we actually wanted.

The pasta wasn’t bad, by the way. Good mix of onions, peppers, and cajun sauce. Meatballs weren’t anything to write home about and the chicken was tough.

So after all that, we ordered dessert, because I guess I both wanted to jack up the bill I was going to pay at a place I wouldn’t be visiting again, and because I wanted something nice to end my meal with. I got the higher bill anyway.


I ordered the Tiramisu, pictured above, and my wife and son split a S’Mores Pizza. I didn’t care for mine and what they ended up with looked terrible.

I don’t like writing this review. I really don’t like the fact that I had an experience that crummy. And I won’t be eating at Brixx again, no matter how cute that pizza dough T-Rex was.

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