Quick Review: JB’s Pour House

Made another trip to Nashville this weekend to visit family. We were looking for a new place to try for lunch on Labor Day. Our first two choices, a Bosnian cafe and a Barbeque place, were closed on Monday. So we settled for our third choice, JB’s Pour House, and I’m glad we did.

We started off with the Chips and Queso. One reviewer on Trip Advisor said it was the best queso he’d ever had. While I wouldn’t go that far, the queso was quite good. It was a bit spicy, with some chopped jalapenos for both flavor and texture. The chips were good too, both warm and perfectly crispy.

Chips & Queso

We ordered a variety of entress, and since my parents knew I’d be writing a review of JB’s, my mom insisted I try some of hers. She had the Beef Brisket Quesadilla. I’ve never been a huge quesadilla fan, but I was pretty impressed with this one. Quesadillas are usually boring, with bland chicken. Having beef brisket in one was a nice change of pace, and the cheese and onions were done well too.

My wife ordered the Chicken Tenders and she had me trip a couple of bites of it as well. They were extremely good – obviously hand-breaded at the restaurant and not just bought pre-prepared.

Chicken Tenders

We ordered the Chicken Tenders Kids Meal with Mac & Cheese as the side for our son. The mac & cheese was excellent, elbow pasta with a cheese that tasted very much like the queso in the appetizer, with perhaps a bit less spice. What surprised us about the meal, though, was that the chicken tenders were the same as those in the adult meal. This is not the norm at most restaurants.

Kids Meal

I ordered the Ribs & Meat Combo, with Brisket (of course) as my choice of second meat. The ribs were excellent – tender, smokey, and covered in just enough sauce to make it interesting, but not so much as to be messy. My only regret for the ribs was that it was only a third of a rack. The brisket was good too, although not award-winning good. It was sliced more thinly than most places, almost like bologna in thickness, and a bit more done, almost dry. Nothing a good bit of their sauce couldn’t handle, though. The sauce was good to, although I would have preferred a choice of both sweet sauce and spicy and all they had was fairly sweet.

Ribs & Brisket

We waited a long, long time for our food. So long that our server came over and apologized twice for the backup, saying they were short-handed. I didn’t mind since we were having a good time visiting, and she kept our drinks filled. My dad, however, had to make a crack about it, saying that if they didn’t have enough staff to take care of the customers walking through the door, the door shouldn’t be opened. While we waited, I asked for a bowl of their chicken and sausage gumbo. It was very good – nice and thick, a bit spicy, with plenty of both meats and okra in addition to the rice.

Aside from the inordinate amount of time it took to get our food, I really enjoyed JB’s Pour House and I heartily recommend it.

JB's Pour House

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