Quick Review: House of Gyro Salad & Hamburger

I was on my own for lunch yesterday in Nashville, so I did what I always do – looked for someplace new and local to try. I was driving down Lebanon Road near my old neighborhood in Hermitage and I noticed a sign for “House of Gyro Salad & Hamburger.” The building looked familiar, but I haven’t lived in that area for over 20 years, so I couldn’t be sure. I later learned it used to be a Pizza Hut.

I pulled into the parking lot and opened Urbanspoon to check reviews. Only listing for “House of Gyros” was in another location, so I don’t know if they moved at some point or what. Switched to Yelp. Decent reviews, and I like Mediterranean food, so I figured why not? When I got out of the car, I noticed a large smoker next to a mobile food trailor of some kind. I looked closer and made out the name “Constant Smoke” on the smoker. I’ve posted before about my feelings about barbeque, so it should come as no surprise that I was conflicted as to what to do about lunch. Eat at the gyro place I’d intented to give my business, and in whose parking lot my car was sitting, or walk across the way to patronize a competitor offering a selection of smoked meats? I actually did both, and I may write about the barbeque experience at a later date. This review is about House of Gyro

Right off the bat, I’m going to cut the place a little slack, as my intention to eat inside the restaurant was altered before I walked in the door. My parents called and said they could meet me at home, and that I should just order lunch to go for myself. I had to order my food to go, and I don’t like to eat out of to-go containers, so I know that probably impacted my impression of the food.

I ordered a Gyro and was given a choice of ranch or cucumber salsa as the dressing for it. Neither sounded particularly appealing, so I asked the lady ringing me up what she preferred and she said ranch, and I went with that. I also ordered a 4 piece appetizer of Falafel. Same two choices for sauce, so I got the cucumber salsa. Here’s a pic of both items in the to-go container.

Gyro & Falafel

The gyro wasn’t half bad. Not awesome, but I’d order it again. I’d prefer Tzatziki sauce to ranch, though. The meat was tasty and the tomatos and other veggies tasted fine as well. The pita was soft and seemed fresh. The falafel was only so-so, but I think that’s mainly because I didn’t care for the cucumber salsa. Not sure why they didn’t have Tahini sauce, and plain falafel really isn’t that exciting.

Like I said, though, I’m going to cut this place some slack. I’d be happy to try it again for a dine-in experience next time I’m in the area. Until then, I’d give it a tentative recommendation.

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