Quick Review: Sweet P’s Barbeque and Soul House


That’s not a typo or mistake. I typed “barbeque” up there and left it on a line all by itself because it’s that important, that special to me.

Barbeque. At its most basic level, it’s about eating slow-cooked and smoked meat. No other food makes me feel more alive, more hungry, then more sated, and along the way more primitive, than barbeque. If I ever lost my mind and decided to move back to the surface of the Sun that is Texas, it would be for want of the barbeque I enjoyed while I was stationed there.

Sweet P’s Barbeque and Soul House is where I go for good barbeque in Knoxville. There are other places to get barbeque, and they’re all moderately tolerable, but compared to Sweet P’s, well… that’s why we drive out of our way to eat there. Sweet P’s is crazy popular, and if you’re going on the weekend, it’s best to plan on being there no later than 5PM unless you just enjoy standing in line and eating at the picnic tables outside. I hate lines and prefer air conditioning, so we arrive early.

Tonight we finally figured out the perfect combination of food to order for the three of us – my wife, our son, and myself. We ordered a pound of brisket, a pint of mac & cheese, and individual sides of cole slaw and potato salad. Rather than the random collections of this or that we normally order (with me always ordering brisket), my wife and son finally realized that simple brisket is the best of all of the good meats available at Sweet P’s.

Here’s a picture of a pound of Sweet P’s brisket.

Sweet P's Briskey

And here’s a picture of the meal I put together tonight. Brisket, mac & cheese, slaw. The only thing that could have made this meal better was some Magners on draft over ice.

Sweet P's Briskey

Aside from the amazing barbeque, Sweet P’s is a pretty basic place. The service at Sweet P’s is simple and friendly. You order your food cafeteria style, pay, get your own drinks, then sit down and eat. Sweet P’s name contains “and Soul House” but we never managed to catch the live music before our son was born and likely will not get the chance until he is a bit older. I heard a buddy of mine from Nashville came up this way not too long ago, possibly to play, so I hope we can find a way to catch the show there sooner rather than later.

I can’t recommend Sweet P’s highly enough. If you live in East Tennessee or are even just passing through, and you like good barbeque, pay them a visit.


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