School Coupon Book Dining Series: Salsarita’ Fresh Cantina

The school kids in Knox County sell coupon books every Fall as a fundraiser. We usually buy several books at $10 each and get more than our money’s worth back. I’ve decided to do a short review of each restaurant at which we use a coupon.


The first restaurant we tried was Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina on Kingston Pike near Cedar Bluff. We ate lunch thereafter church on Sunday.

Unfortunately, this will be a short review. It could be just two words: it stunk. But here’s why it stunk:

  • The queso is so thin and watery it would be more accurate to call it cheese milk.
  • The pork on the tacos was soaking in liquid and it rendered the soft shells mushy.
  • Overall the food was, at best, mediocre, and mostly worse.

I won’t be returning to Salsarita’s.

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