New Restaurant in Knoxville – Bearden Hill Fieldhouse

We tried a brand new restaurant tonight – Bearden Hill Fieldhouse.  It’s billed as a sports-themed restaurant and bar and based on the sheer number of flat panel televisions, I’d say that’s an accurate description.  We arrived shortly after 5pm, were greeted with an open door, and seated immediately.  The restaurant/bar has two floors, with at least three pool tables that I saw, as well as a couple of video games – golf and some kind of shooting/hunting game.

The menu listed many items that sounded promising.  Too many, in fact, so we asked our server for recommendations for appetizers.  She recommended the fried pickles & banana pepper rings, which we ordered.  We also opted to try the garlic knots.  The pickles & peppers were outstanding and well worth the price – $6.95.  Fried pickles are a Southern staple, and if that’s all this dish had been, it would have compared favorably with offerings from other area restaurants.  The fried banana peppers were different, though, and catapulted this appetizer to a whole new level.  Lightly battered, they weren’t greasy at all, and they were tasty on their own, and even better with the provided sauce.  We actually ran out of the sauce and had to ask for a second container – it was that good.


The garlic knots were good, and if we’d ordered just the knots, I would have been happy with the decision.  Next to the pickles & peppers, though, the knots, even at $3.95, didn’t compare well.  Still, they were good.  Neither of us cared for the tomato-based sauce, preferring just the knots with a little olive oil and parmesan cheese.  We’ll skip these next time, but garlic knots are rare enough in the South as an appetizer that we felt compelled to give them a chance.

Garlic knots

We actually had a hard time deciding what to eat for the main meal, as there were so many dishes on the menu that sounded good, especially when our server assured us that everything, including the chicken tenders, was homemade.  Everything from a fried cornish hen to bourbon-glazed salmon, to a fried artichoke sandwich all sounded great.  We asked our server and she told us she’d only had the pizza, burger, and chicken tenders so far, as they’d only opened the previous evening.  We ordered a large “Triple Crown” pizza with wheat crust, which I believe cost $17.50.

Everything about the pizza was excellent.  The wheat crust was delicious, and just a bit sweet.  The crust was so good I did something I almost never do – I ate the ends of the crust.  The toppings – pepperoni, beef, and italian sausage, were all very good.  The sausage was especially tasty, coming in large chunks as you can see below.

The food quality alone would justify a return trip to the Fieldhouse, which makes the attentive and polite service we received a nice bonus.  Our server made sure I had a new glass of Diet Coke before I finished my old glass, and every other server who pitched in to deliver food or extra lemons for my wife was friendly.  Overall a very pleasant dinner out.


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