Dining at Home – Two Great Tastes

We decided to eat in tonight, and I’m very glad we did.  My wife prepared a couple of ribeye steaks that were as good as any steakhouse steak I’ve had in a very long time.  All she added to the steaks was a good bit of kosher salt, and she then seared them in a cast iron skillet.  All I had to bring to the meal was my appetite.  I wish I’d thought to snap a picture of the steaks before I devoured most of my serving, but I was distracted by the aroma of freshly-cooked beef.  The picture you’ll see below is of the half of the steak she couldn’t finish.  Sorry for the mess, but I was interested in eating this steak, and taking a picture of it was definitely an afterthought.


After dinner, I went downstairs to my “keezer” and checked to see if my new keg of hard cider was fully carbonated.  It was, so I dispensed the first gritty glassful and then poured myself a frosty mug full of my buddy Les Ault’s new mulled cider.  You can find the recipe for the cider at RocketScience Brewing.  Les is calling this flavor “Suicider” and while I think I would still go for his berry cider on a hot day, I have to say this mulled cider did more than hit the spot on this cold night.

So tonight I had an outstanding steak and an awesome mug of cider.  I’ll have to start eating at home more often.

Here’s a picture of my first mug of Suicider.




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