Going Vegetarian – Day Six

Lunch & Dinner at Dazzo’s

Sixth day on my vegetarian diet.  Went to Dazzo’s with a group of guys at lunch and it was so awesome, decided to go back for dinner.  For lunch I ordered pasta with Alfredo and it was amazing.


I have to admit, everyone else ordered meat-laden dishes, and it was difficult to not do the same, but I’ve been to Dazzo’s before and I recalled how excellent their Alfredo sauce is.  Still, seeing and smelling the lasagna and pizza my coworkers were eating was tough.

Having said that, Dazzo’s Alfredo is the best in Knoxville, and some of the best I’ve ever had.  There is an Italian place in Epcot Center in Disney that has excellent Alfredo (it should, that’s the name of the restaurant) but even that isn’t better than Dazzo’s, just a little different.  The pasta was linguine and even though I prefer their penne, it was very good.

We returned to Dazzo’s that night, Thursday, and I ordered the manicotti.  It was excellent as well, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Alfredo sauce, so I know what I’ll be ordering next time.  Rachael ordered the Chicken Parmesan and she said it was extremely good.

If you’ve never eaten at a restaurant owned and run by someone from up north (I think the owner is from Long Island), be warned, it’s an experience.  He’s a loud and seemingly angry man, but his lack of patience (think a lighter version of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld) is more than outweighed by his skill in the kitchen and the pride he takes in his food.

I’d return to Dazzo’s for dinner any night, and be quite content to stick with the pasta Alfredo as long as I stay on the vegetarian bandwagon.  I’m keeping my eye on the lasagna, though.

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