Going Vegetarian – Day Three

Dinner at Shono’s Japanese Grill

This was the third day on my vegetarian diet and the first time we ate out since beginning it.  I normally order the Rib Eye Steak entree, and it is pretty good, especially for the price, but this evening I ordered the Vegetables with Tofu.


I’m still fairly new to tofu.  I’ve tried it a few times over the last several years, tasting a bite from someone else’s plate, and never cared for it.  I’m still not completely sold on it, but I’m beginning to gain an appreciation for the different ways it can be prepared.

I liked this dish, although what I liked most was the rice and vegetables mix.  The vegetables were crisp and tasty.  The white sauce is what they call “shrimp sauce” although it isn’t made of shrimp.  The tofu itself was spongy, having the consistency of a scrambled egg.  Of the three ways I’ve eaten tofu within the last couple of days, this was my least favorite, and I will likely order just the vegetables next time.

One thing I did miss on this visit was the Gyoza, or dumplings.  They’re so good that we have made a meal of them on more than one occasion.  Rachael ordered a half order for herself and it wasn’t easy to pass them up.

Shono’s remains one of the quiet restaurants I prefer for a reasonably-priced meal in West Knoxville.

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